Tosca Stainless Steel Utensils



This kitchen utensil set is made of high-quality stainless steel, It is durable and strong anti-rust. It can last for years.



What's included:

2 Turners
1 Pasta server
1 Cooking Spoon
1 Skimmer
1 Soup Ladle


.Handles of utensils have a comfortable grip for many hours of pleasant prepping, cooking, grilling, and serving. All gadgets are crafted of one solid piece, making them the sturdiest utensil set around. Will last you for a lifetime of lunches, dinners, and barbecues.
.Set is smudge- and fingerprint-free and—in a holder—looks beautiful on countertops or picnic table, so the place looks pleasant and uncluttered even while food is still being prepped.
.Wash by hand with soap and warm water and have a gleaming set in no time. You can also stick it into the dishwasher, the set is completely dishwasher safe.
.Cute and versatile utensils with a perfect minimalist design

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