Tino Glass Jars



Modern home decorative Coffee, Tea & Sugar Jar Set. Perfect for serving coffee, sugar and tea at your next social soiree or tea party, this charming jar set is crafted from glass. 
The glass lid with a Wood handle keeps air from entering these sleek containers and keeps it all fresh and dry. This Storage Jar Set helps organize your countertop and adds a stylish element to your kitchen with this sleek look.




4.2*4.1in (10.8*10.5cm)


.These glass food storage jars are made of High-quality and thicker borosilicate glass which is lightweight and more heat-resistant than normal glass.
.These airtight glass containers allow for easy filling and removing, storing bulk foods easily and saving space efficiently. Clear glass allows the contents of the jar easily see without removing the lid, you can open or cover the lid in a short time. These glass food storage jars will make your home tidier.
.The glass kitchen canister creates a dry and sealed environment so as to retain the freshness of food, keep it dry, and it also allows you to sort and fetch food conveniently. All foodstuffs can be stored in the storage container in an attractive, space-saving and hygienic way.


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