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Panello Elastic Sofa Cover


The ultra-versatile textured grid slipcover creates a clean foundation that complements any decorating style. The textured grid pattern and stylish lines of this cover set the tone for your space while providing a smooth, durable surface that works well with a variety of furniture. The cover is perfect for covering up that old piece of furniture you no longer love, adding storage spots where needed, or changing up the decor on an as-needed basis. Whether you're looking to makeover an entire room or just want to freshen up one piece, our textured grid slipcover is the perfect way to make it happen.


100% Polyester / Spandex


1.Sofa length between 35-55in(90-140cm) choice One-seater sofa cover

2.Sofa length between 57-70in(145-180cm) choice Two-seater sofa cover

3.Sofa length between 74-90in(190-230cm) choice Three-seater sofa cover

4.Sofa length between 92-118in(235-300cm) choice Four-seater sofa cover

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