Calphalon Wood Cooking Spoons



Our Calphalon wooden cooking spoons set is 100% handmade by natural teak wood without any coating. Wooden spoons and spatulas are a non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative that does not leach toxic chemicals into your food while cooking like other types of spoons do.




.Our wood spoons set, burnished at least three times, have an incredibly sleek surface and superb handhold feeling. You will definitely find NO dents, small gaps or splinters from our kitchen cooking spoons!
. These durable teak wooden spoons can prevent these kitchen tools from scratching and damaging expensive non-stick pots and pans. Top-quality, Premium earth-friendly.Every kitchen needs one wooden spoon set for cooking.
.Hand washing is recommended to preserve the hangable wooden cooking spoons, and the kitchen spoon wood set has a large, comfortable handle for beautiful display and convenient storage. The wooden spatula sets are stored easily in drawers or hang up and air dry. The wooden cooking spoons are uniquely grained, so this isn’t just a cooking spoon - it’s a work of craft and art.


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